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Вікторина з англійської мови для 8-9 класів по темі "Країни"

8-9 класи

Great Britain

               Awareness Quiz on Britain.


  1. What is the official name of Great Britain?
  2. What parts does Great Britain consist of?
  3. What separates this country from Europe?
  4. What is tartan?
  5. How many languages are spoken in Wales?
  6. Where did the Beatles come from?
  7. One Queen of Britain was on the throne for only 9 days. Who was she?
  8. What is the kilt and who invented it?
  9. What is the title of the song Scots usually sing at parties?
  10. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain at present?

Multiple Choice Test on Great Britain.


1.  What is the Union Jack?

  1. The national flag of the UK.
  2. Trade union organization.
  3. Monument.

2. What is the name of the present British Queen?

a) Elizabeth I.               b) Mary.               c) Elizabeth II.

3. What is the capital of  Wales?

a) Glasgow.                      b) Cardiff.             c) Edinburgh.

4. Where did the Beatles come from?

a) Bristol.        b) Manchester.                   c) Liverpool.

5. What is the song the Scottish people sing at the parties?

  1. "Jingle Bells".
  2. "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot".
  3. "Greensleeves".

6.  Where does the ceremony of the Keys take place?

  1. In the Tower of London.
  2. At Buckingham Palace.
  3. In Trafalgar Square.

7.  Which street in London is called "newspaper  street"?

a) Oxford Street.        b) Fleet Street.        c) Downing Street.

8.  Where is the Speaker's Corner?

  1. In Richmond Park.
  2. In Hyde Park.
  3. In Kensington Gardens.

9.  Where is the National Shakespeare Theatre?

a) In London.          b) In Birmingham.  c) In Stratford-upon-Avon.

10. What is the national musical instrument of Scotland?

a) Bagpipe.              b) Trumpet.         c) Guitar.



           Awareness Quiz on the USA.


  1. How many states does the USA consist of?
  2. What river is Washington situated on?
  3. What places of interest in Washington are connected with the names of three


  1. In what state is Hollywood situated?
  2. Who are the natives of the USA?
  3. Who of the US Presidents was called "Honest Abe"?
  4. Where does the biggest Christmas Tree of America usually stand?
  5. Where from are the American spaceships launched into orbit?

9.Which holiday is called "the birthday of a nation"?
10. What is the name of the King of rock-n-roll?

           Multiple Choice Test on the USA.


1. Who of the presidents fought for the abolition of slavery in the USA?
               a) Lincoln.
   b) Jefferson.            c) Washington.

2. What river is New York situated on?

          a) The Mississippi.          b) The Potomac.       c) The Hudson.

3.  What is the world's tallest stone structure situated in Washington?

        a)   Washington Monument.

        b)   Lincoln Memorial,
       c)Palace of Justice.

4.  Which kind of sport is a typical American invention?

     a) Tennis.

                b) Baseball.                                                                                                                                                             c) Golf.

5.Which holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November?

         a) Halloween.            b) Independence day.         c) Thanksgiving Day.

6. Who of the musicians played the trumpet in jazz?

         a) Wellington.        b) Armstrong.        c) Presley.

7. Who of the American scientists invented the telephone?

          a) Alexander Bell.   b) Henry Ford.  c) Martin King.

8. Who of the American writers wrote books under the name of Mark Twain?

        a) Jack London.   b) Samuel Clemens.  c) John Grisham.

9.Which street in New York is called the home of theatres?

           a) The 5,h Avenue.    b) Broadway.     c) Fleet Street.

10. What is the traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day?

          a) Fish.                b) Pudding.             c) Turkey.



        Awareness Quiz on Australia.


  1. What is the offiicial name of the country?
  2. Who are the natives of Australia?
  3. What is the capital of Australia?
  4. What animals are depicted on the Australian coat of arms?
  5. Which tree-loving animal lives in Australia?
  6. Who discovered Australia?
  7. Who is at the head of the country?
  8. What is the longest river in Australia?
  9. What are the largest deserts in Australia?
  10. What city hosted the 2002 Summer Olympic Games?


Multiple Choice Test on Australian Fauna.


1. What animals eat eucalyptus leaves?
a) Dingo.
                       b) Koala.              c) Possums.

2.  What flightless bird lives in Australia?
a) Parrot.
                     b) Emu.                 c) Eagle.

3.  Which representative of Australian fauna doesn't use eyes and ears
under water?

a) Platypus.                   b) Fish.                  c) Ducks.

  4. Which Australian animals are born the size of a large bean and
then grow taller than a man?
 a) Emu.
                          b) Koala.              c) Kangaroo.

5.  Which of the Australian kangaroos are the largest?
a) Brown and grey.         b) Red and yellow.  c) Green and red.

  1. What animals often attack sheep and are dangerous for people?

      a) Wild dog dingo.    b) Ostrich.              c) Platypus.

  1. Which animal is considered to be the king of Australian animals?

      a) Platypus.              b) Dingo.              c) Kangaroo.

  1. Which of the Australian animals sleeps during the day?

             a) Emu.               b) Koala.              c) Wallaroos.

  1. Which Australian bird is famous for its mocking laugh?

           a) Borkaburra.      b) Wombat.         c) Parrot.

  10. Which marsupial looks like an enormours rat?

        a) Bat.                   b) Ostrich.            c) Wombat.


New Zealand

           Awareness Quiz on New Zealand.


  1. Who is at the head of the country?
  2. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  3. Who are the natives of New Zealand?
  4. What is the symbol of New Zealand?
  5. Who discovered New Zealand?
  6. What is the pride of every New Zealander?
  7. Which city in New Zealand is called "garden city"?
  8. How do New Zealanders call themselves?
  9. What 2 big islands does New Zealand consist of?

 10. What fruit is New Zealand the world's largest producer of?


              Multiple Choice Test on New Zealand.


  1. Which of the islands in New Zealand is the most popular?

 a) North Island.      b) Stuart Island.       c) South Island.

  1. What reptiles do not live in New Zealand?

a) Bears.                   b) Snakes.              c) Waives.

3.  Which bird is apteryx in New Zealand?

a) Kiwi.  b) Kakado parrot.     c) Weka.

4.  What is the nickname of New Zealanders?

a) Maori.                   b) Kiwi.                 c) Islanders.

5.  What was the first capital of New Zealand?

a) Wellington.           b) Dunedin.            c) Auckland.

6.  What are the two official languages in New Zealand?

a) English and              b) English and             c) English and

French.                          Maori.                          German.

7.  How are Maori people characterized?

a) Warlike.                  b) Peaceful.            c) Indifferent.

  1. Whom is the Queen of England represented by in New Zealand?

a) Prince.                   b) Her Minister.       c) Governor General.

  1. What is the political structure of New Zealand?
  1. Constitutional Monarchy.
  2. Parliamentary Republic.
  3. Socialist State.

10. When do children begin to go to school in New Zealand?

a) At the age of 7.        b) At the age of 6.    c) At the age of 5.


         Awareness Quiz on Canada.


  1. How many provinces are there in Canada?
  2. What is the capital of Canada?
  3. What is the symbol of Canada?
  4. Who are the natives of Canada?
  5. What languages do people speak in Canada?
  6. What world's wonder is situated in Canada?
  7. In what Canadian city did the Winter Olympic Games take place once?
  8. What sport is extremely popular in Canada?
  9. Who is at the head of the country?

10. What province is called "the Seat of French Culture"?


             Multiple Choice Test on Canada.


1.  What country does Canada border on in the North?

a) The USA.                b) Russia.                 c) Finland.

2.  Which is the largest province in Canada?

a) Quebec.    b) Prince Edward.       c) Ontario.

  1. Which agricultural product grown in Canada is world famous?

        a) Flax.   b) Wheat.   c) Potato.

  1. Which tower rises above the Parliament Building in Ottawa?

a) Green Tower.        b) Victoria Tower.        c) Peace Tower.

5.  Which museum in Ottawa illustrates the cultures of Eskimos and Indians?

  1. The Museum of Nature.
  2. Laurier House.
  3. The Museum of Civilization.

6.  Which May Festival is Ottawa world famous for?

a) Tulip Festival.        b) Art Festival.        c) Music Festival.

  1. The Queen of what country presents Ottawa with flowers?

 a) Great Britain.        b) The Netherlands,    c) Nepal.

  1. In what town does 9-day winter festival  Winderhide take place?

a) Ottawa.                  b) Toronto.              c) Montreal.

  1. In what province is the Niagara Falls situated?

a) Newfoundland.          b) Ontario.            c) Nova Scotia.

10. Which syrup is Canada famous for?

a) Maple.       b) Cranberry.                       c) Lemon.




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